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Athea the Therapig

Why a Pig?

I am sure you have heard the saying "When Pigs Fly"?  It's a phrase often used in humor as a way of saying something will NEVER happen. 

Unfortunately I hear the same thing about addiction and recovery on a regular basis. The truth is, recovery isn't easy. And if you look at statistics for people who maintain long term sobriety it is discouraging.

However, there are many people like myself who beat the odds and recovered. These people are the flying pigs in a world of never.    

Athea is a sign of hope to remind people that they too can be Flying Pigs.

She is very affectionate, loves belly rubs, and of course snacks! She may even sit on your lap if you're open to it. If she isn't your thing, that is perfectly fine, I am happy to schedule you on her day off.

When people ask me what is therapeutic about a pig, I simply say "look at the smile on your face." 

I hope she makes you smile and gives you hope today!

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