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I'm Sober but I'm Still Miserable...Now What? 

Ask yourself these questions:

- Are you holding onto resentments or old pain?

- Are you comparing yourself and your recovery to others?

- Are you engaging in compulsive behaviors not related to substance use?

- Are you isolating from friends and family?

- Are you struggling to relate to others in recovery?

- Are you struggling with repeat experiences in your life? Relationships? Jobs?

- Are you not getting the relief from 12 Step work that you use to?

These could all be signs that you are operating out of old belief systems that no longer serve you. Often this is considered Stage 2 recovery, or sometimes known as "Emotional Sobriety". It is not unusual to need outside help during this stage. Being miserable is not an indication that your "program of recovery" isn't working. In fact, it's the opposite. It's time to do deeper work. Remember, recovery is a journey not a destination.

If you have been working a 12 Step program you have learned a great deal about yourself. You have become familiar with many of your beliefs and may possibly feel that counseling won't help. What you may not realize is that your beliefs have beliefs!

I believe it is the unconscious beliefs that cause the problems.


Let me help you identify and challenge the beliefs that are keeping you miserable.

There is hope!



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