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I Need a Drug and Alcohol Assessment...What should I expect?


There are two types of assessments for substance use disorders: Formal and Informal.

Formal Assessment - 2 hours

You will spend approximately 30 minutes completing a SASSI (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening). This is a self administered screening that helps identify high or low probability for dependence. Because the SASSI is only 94% accurate, you will spend an hour completing a biopsychosocial interview with me. This is simply a series of questions that determines psychological, biological, and social factors that can contribute to substance use. The final half hour we will discuss findings and recommendations.

A complete written assessment and treatment recommendation for legal purposes takes an additional 2 hours to prepare and will be billed accordingly.

At an additional charge I am available to appear in court to give my professional recommendations. 

Informal Assessment - 1.5 hours

During an informal assessment you will experience more of a dialogue where many of the same questions will be asked. In this assessment the focus is less on the professional diagnosis but rather on you and where you are in the Stages of Change:

Pre-Contemplation (early stage - denial there is a problem)

Contemplation (considering the benefits of change but have mixed feelings)

Preparation (beginning to make small changes and collecting information about change)

Action (beginning to take direct action to accomplish goals)

Maintenance (successfully avoids past behaviors and sustains new behaviors)

                         Regardless of where you are in the Stages of Change, I can help!

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