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Is Sobriety Possible or Is It A Lost Cause?

Addiction is a chronic disorder. Relapse doesn't mean failure, I believe it is simply an indication the person does not know how to live life sober.

Sobriety is absolutely possible, but we have to change how we view addiction and relapse.  

The belief that the “drugs” and/or “alcohol” are the problem has been taught for years and for good reason. The substance user's actions or behaviors are focused on obtaining their substance so they can continue to use. They lie, cheat and steal to obtain this goal. If “the problem” really is the substance, then the substance user would get better as soon as the substance was removed. You see some evidence of this change when your loved one is in treatment but for some reason it doesn’t always stick. It appears that getting sober is one thing, but staying sober is something different. 


Addiction defies all logic. Why would a person relapse and go back to using knowing there will be negative consequences?  Why would a person relapse knowing they will be physically and  emotionally miserable? 

So WHAT is really driving the addiction? It comes down to not knowing how to live sober.


For the addicted person, USING is the SOLUTION not the problem. You might say this is their “default” setting.

Substance users typically do well in treatment because of the structure and set expectations. However, after multiple treatments they are accustomed to being in treatment and learn to be compliant. They have little self-awareness into the beliefs that drive their behaviors. They have an extensive amount of knowledge about their addiction and recovery but can’t seem to implement these new coping skills outside the treatment setting. 

I can help identify what coping skills are missing or are underdeveloped and teach

them how to challenge the beliefs that keep them stuck in the relapse cycle.


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